2014-15 Year in Review / AGM Update

Unversity of Saskatchewan Computer Musuem
Chairman's Report
October 21, 2015

This morning I got a report that my interview last year with CBC Radio is still being played on the air! It has been over a year since that interview was done, but it is still keeping us in the public eye.

Public awareness of our existance is what resulted in the Gerhart Herzberg calculator coming to the museum. It is entirely possible that some of the calculations done for Herzberg's 1971 Nobel Prize in Chemistry were done on this calculator! This is a huge acquisition for our musuem, and now one of our most prized artefacts.

David Bocking had the opportunity to speak with a group of students in a Museum Management class in Ottawa in December, 2014. The students did a brief analysis of our musuem, based on the information David provided them, and the results they provided to us were very informative and provided much food for thought.

One of the big things to come out of the students' analysis was indentifying that we really needed to define our museum's focus. To that end, a major accomplishment this year was the development of a new Mission Statement and a new Vision Statement. Our mission is to "Intercept, Preserve, Interpret, and Celebrate computing history on behalf of the University of Saskatchewan Community." Our vision is to "Be the trusted Saskatchewan authority for computing history." I thank everyone who participated in the creation of these statements, as a significant amount of work and discussion went into developing these statements. I think they really reflect what this museum is all about.

Our next steps for the coming year are to look at what smaller projects need to get done, and to run them as proper projects. Hopefully this will help see the many great ideas we have turn into actual results.

Thanks to Eden Baltulis for all her help over the past two years. Eden accomplished a lot in the short time she was with the museum, and all of her work was greatly appreciated.

Thanks also to Rob Grosse who is stepping back from volunteering in a formal capacity with the museum. Rob has been involved in every aspect of the museum since shortly after its inception in 2001, and has always been the source of an infectious enthusiasm for preserving computing history. We look forward to continuing to work with Rob in an informal capacity, as I'm sure he will still continue to be the source of many new treasures for the museum.

The museum has been around for over 14 years now, and so a big thank you to all our volunteers and supporters for all their contributions to making the museum a success.