Past Exhibits Include:

  • The Commodore 64 Turns 25
  • Altair Exhibit (2007)
  • Blast From the Past
  • Homecoming 2007
  • The History of Library Technologies (2004)
  • Thorvaldson Second Floor Display (2007)
  • College of Engineering Centennial Display (2012)

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Our Most Recent Temporary Display, Fall 2010

Our most recent temporary display was held in the Main Library (Murray Building) of the UofS campus in the fall of 2010. It highlighted the UofS's use of "Technology Through the Decades", starting with a typewriter belonging to Walter Murray (the UofS's first president) which was used in the early part of the last century.

As we progressed through the decades, we showed off pictures of the UofS's first computer obtained in the 1950's (LGP-30), moved onto early computer labs and unix terminals, shifted into the creation and evolution of the UofS's HUGE network, paid tribute to the first personal computers, and ended with reference to the plethora or wireless devices that are common place on the UofS network today.